Vegan Gains

Vegan Gains

Do you know Who is Vegan Gains?

Vegan Gains is a Canadian bodybuilder, vegan activist, and YouTuber best known for his mind-boggling films about vegan nutrition and bodybuilding, as well as his rants against anyone who disagrees with him. He also has a problematic attitude and overall demeanor toward others.


Vegan was born Richard Burgess on June 26, 1991, in Canada, under the Cancer Zodiac sign, making him 28 years old in 2019. He is a Canadian national with half African ancestry. He has not disclosed any information about his parents, including their names and occupations. It is also unknown if Gains has any siblings.

However, in 2015, he shared a video of his grandfather, which provoked outrage. According to the video, his grandfather was having a heart attack and intended to use the footage to raise awareness about how unhealthy it is to eat beef. He allegedly mocked his dying grandfather, saying that he deserved what was happening to him – the video was quickly removed at the family’s request.

Body Measurement

Richard weighs between 180 and 185 pounds (81.8-84 kg). Gains stand at 6’3″ (1.90 m).

Education Details

Vegan’s educational background is unknown, however, he most likely graduated from high school in 2009.


Gains began his YouTube channel in 2014, with the inaugural video “Why a Bodybuilder Became Vegan,” in which he introduced himself; he became a vegan in 2011. Since then, he has posted numerous other videos, the majority of which are about veganism, while others are about his ideas, which are usually regarding extremist behavior. Gains claims he became a vegan after watching a Facebook video by Gary Yourofsky, a lecturer and animal rights campaigner.

Although his promotion and enjoyment of veganism can be seen as a goal, his style of life is frequently questioned. Gains professes to love animals but despises and enjoys injuring people. He frequently carries a knife and threatens anyone who consumes meat. This knife-wielding YouTuber has also stated in his videos that he despises newborns and children, claiming that they make him nauseous and that he often feels like ramming his foot through them. Although he claims that this statement is humorous and merely meant to be clickbait, he has previously proved his dislike by obtaining a vasectomy to ensure that he will never have children of his own.

In another video, Gains exhibited his erratic conduct and anger by threatening to slit MrRepzion’s throat after he deviated from his opinion. Vegan has displayed anger, violence, and delusions, and has spoken about having mental disorders on occasion. He describes himself as a misanthropist and a sadist.

Apart from assaulting other bodybuilders and YouTubers, Gains frequently pits himself against celebrities in videos titled Celebrity versus Vegan Gains. He not only condemns meat eaters and animal mistreaters, but he also expresses delight in other people’s issues caused by eating meat.

Vegan Gains Net Worth

Vegan’s earnings are derived from YouTube advertising revenue. Vegan Gains’ net worth as of August 2019 is expected to be at least $125,000, according to credible sources.

Relationship Status

Gains is married to Jasmine Gaines, who is also a vegan. She also serves as Vegan’s manager and runs her own YouTube channels. They met on Facebook in 2015 and married the following November in Belgium, Jasmine’s native country.

In terms of having children, the pair both acknowledged that they despise children. Gains claiming that babies made him gag. As a result, he had a vasectomy to ensure that he would never have children in the future.

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