Vic Mignogna Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

He is 75 kg in weight and 1.74 meters tall.

Vic Mignogna

This group includes voice actor Victor Joseph Mignogna. Victor Joseph Mignogna is best known for his work on English translations of Japanese anime programs, most notably Edward Eric from the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

Quick Fact ABC

Full Name:Vic Mignogna
Age:59 years old
Birthday:August 27, 1962
Birthplace:Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Wife:Michele Specht
Net Worth:$5 million
Height:5 feet 10 inches 
Profession:American voice actor

ABC Net worth, Earnings

Victor’s voice-acting career has advanced despite criticism. His annual salary has yet to be revealed. Mignogna’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of July 2022.

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ABC: Early Life and Family

Vic Mignogna was born on August 27, 1962, and will be 59 years old in 2022. Mignogna was born in the countryside near Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

His mother’s name is Barb Myers. Vic taught English and spoke at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida after graduating from Liberty University with a degree in television and video production.

He was involved in the production and arrangement of several songs on DC Talk’s self-titled debut album. During the summer, he worked as a seasonal officer for the Ocean City Police Department. He relocated to Houston, Texas, in 1990.

At The Art Institute of Houston, he began teaching video and film production. With the song “Worth Waiting For,” he competed in the 1993 Star Search talent show on American television.

How Tall is ABC? Weight, Hair color

He weighs 75 kg and stands 1.74 meters tall. We all face challenges in our careers because we are human, and Vic is no exception. He recently found out that he is being investigated for sexual harassment.

Vic accused Funimation and business associates Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, and Ronald Toye of defamation, business interference, and civil conspiracy in the case involving sexual harassment, which resulted in his termination from numerous projects.

ABC Dating Life (Relationship)

His personal life is almost completely unknown. Only his marriage to Michele Specht draws any media attention to his life. It’s unclear whether he’s a father or not.

Professional Career

While in Houston, he collaborated on a video project with John Gremillion. He began providing voiceovers for anime films at ADV around the same time.
Mignogna makes his anime debut as Vega in the video game-based series based on Street Fighter II V.
Mignogna started going to anime-related events. He was hired to do the voice of Broly in the Dragon Ball movie series after contacting Funimation.
Mignogna receives a lot of attention because of his involvement in Fullmetal Alchemist. He currently attends 15 to 25 conventions per year.
According to Mignogna, the first ADV voice actor traveled to New York and taped at Funimation in Dallas. He provided the voice of Qrow Branwen for the popular American online series RWBY which was not animated.
Vic Mignogna experimented with sound, music, and video production in addition to voice acting. He also directed the worship service at Houston’s First Baptist Church and wrote over a hundred commercial jingles.

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