Who is Vivian Howard? Bio, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Height

Vivian Howard

Do you know Who is Vivian Howard?

One of the most well-known and talented cooks in America is Vivian Howard. She also owns a restaurant, is a television personality, and is an author.

Vivian Howard is amazing at cooking, according to the reality show. She is ecstatic to be a chef, and PBS Network is happy to have supported this program. It has had an expressive eight-year prior period. Along with being a well-known cook, she is also an author of books, the most well-known of which is named Deep Roots Run. She also runs her own restaurant.

Quick Facts: Vivian Howard

  • Gender: Male
  • Total Name: Cynthia Howard
  • Birthplace: Near North Carolina in the United States of America is Deep Run, NC.
  • birth date: March 18, 1978
  • Age: 44 months and 4 years
  • Horoscope: Pisces
  • fortunate number: 10
  • Lucky Rock: Aquamarine
  • Happy Color: Green Sea
  • Ideal Couple For Marriage: Virgo, Scorpio
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Gross Value: $ 6,000,000
  • Profession: Chef de cuisine, restaurant owner, and TV personality
  • Weight: 60 kilograms, or 130 pounds, are the weights.
  • Height: 150 cm in centimeters, 4′ 11″ in feet and inches
  • Hair Shade: Brown
  • Eye Shade: a deep brown
  • Upper School: High School of Moravan

Vivian Howard: Early Life and Family

Vivian Howard was born on March 18, 1978, in Deep Run, North Carolina, on American territory. Her mother and father were both farmers who grew tobacco, corn, cotton, and soybeans in addition to other crops.

She adored telling stories, and she even used to invent them to relieve stress and amuse people. Similarly, when she lived in New York City, she loved pizza, sushi, ramen, and eggplant parm.

She was able to combine her love of food and narrative in her career as a result, and some of her storytelling is visible in the cookbook. Her mother’s name was Scarlett Howard and her father’s name was John Howard, yet nothing is known about her parents.

Her mother used to look after her four children in a rural area ten kilometers outside of Kinston since the Howard family didn’t want their girls to work on the farm, not even for a day, but rather to support their own kind.

Education Details

Vivian attended the first two years of her education at Moravian School. She later enrolled at North Carolina State University, where she studied English, and she eventually earned a bachelor’s degree there in 2001.

Vivian Howard completed a semester-long course in Argentina as part of a program at the university with a culinary emphasis. She made the decision to relocate to New York City for work soon after Howard received his degree from the university. Vivian Howard worked as an ad copywriter for grey Worldwide before beginning her waitressing career at Voyage restaurant.

Vivian Howard: Dating Life (Relationship)

Since she has already been married once, Vivian Howard is among the luckiest people alive. Both her career and relationship have been successful. Given that many famous people who got married did so regrettably only to get divorced, and that today’s world has a high divorce rate.

While working at the Voyage restaurant in New York City, Vivian met her future husband Ben Knight. Little did she know that this chance encounter would play a significant role in her life. Her husband works as a freelance painter. The chef-partner had a good childhood in Chicago.

Ben followed his passion for painting and settled in New York City, where he found the love of his life. They quickly got married after falling in love. Ben Knight and Vivian Howard moved to a rural area of Eastern North Carolina after getting married, where they now reside in Deep Run with their family.

Her husband, according to Howard, is a lovely and loving father. Regardless of whether Vivian and Ben are still together, they are happily cohabitating and devoted to one another. They haven’t ever been involved in an affair controversy, in reality.

In terms of sexual orientation, Vivian is not a lesbian; she is straight. She is also not bisexual. She has never engaged in such activities, and there have never been any speculations that she is gay. She’s honest, she’s married to a man, and she even has kids.

Vivian Howard: Net worth, Earnings

Vivian Howard is thought to have a net worth of about $6 million as of 2021. She has amassed this riches through a variety of avenues, including her work as a chef and as a TV personality, both of which have brought in large sums of money for her. Vivian also owns a restaurant, which she operates as a business and from which she derives a sizable portion of her income. Given that she still has unfinished initiatives, she can become richer.

Professional Career

Vivian started her career after receiving her degree from the Culinary Education Institute in New York, after finishing her internship, and after receiving formal training as a chef. She has also performed waitressing duties at the Voyage eatery.

In her restaurant, modern adaptations of traditional Southern foods are made. Deep Run Roots is a memoir and cookbook that she has also published.

Her V shows have drawn a lot of fans, which has allowed her to make a good amount of money. Her massive fan base has also helped her win many awards, but no one can deny the fact that she is an exceptionally talented cook. She put a lot of work into becoming a successful professional chef. She runs a restaurant as well.


Due to her involvement on TV shows, Vivian has also received numerous honors over her career. In 2004 she received:

  • PEABODY Award I for outstanding broadcasting in 2004.
  • DAY TIME EMMY AWARD for outstanding culinary and travel program director in 2015.
  • She has taken home the JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION AWARD six times.
  • Seven Diamond Award wins.
  • Excellence Award from the Audience.

How Tall is Vivian Howard? Weight, Hair Color

Vivian Howard was born on March 18, 1978, making her 43 years old as of today, July 31, 2021. Despite being at 4 feet 11 inches and 150 centimeters tall, she only weighs roughly 130 pounds and 60 kilograms. Her hair is brown, and her eyes are a dark brown tone.


  • She enjoys eating chicken the most.
  • She enjoys having fun.
  • She enjoys swimming.
  • She enjoys athletics as well.
  • Justin Beiber is the most favored performer.
  • Vivian is among the top people who serve as role models for many people since she came from nothing and succeeded in life. She is content and has kept her family together. She is among the folks who can teach us a lot.

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