Viviana Masini Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

Viviana Masini is thought to have a net worth of $4–$5 million USD (about).

Viviana Masini

Do you know Who is Viviana Masini?

Viviana Masini is a well-known hotelier, Instagram star, and businesswoman from Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. She is famous across the country as the mother of Lamont Marcell Jacobs. Marcell is a well-known sprinter, long jumper, and athlete on the track. Marcell Jacobs rose to prominence after winning gold at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. He reportedly finished the 100-meter race in 9.80 seconds, making him the world’s fastest man.

Quick Fact Viviana Masini

Full Name:Viviana Masini
Age:53 years old
Birthplace:Brescia, Lombardy
Wife/Husband:Lamont Marcell Jacobs Sr.
Net Worth:$5 million
Height:5 Ft 6 In
Profession:Italian Hotelier, Instagram personality, Entrepreneur

Viviana Masini Net worth, Earnings

Viviana Masini is estimated to have a net worth of $4-USD 5 million as a result of her career (about). Viviana Masini, his mother, works as a manager at the upscale Hotel Florence in Italy. She has also been an Impreditrice at Brillanthouse for 15 years and 4 months.

Lamont Marcell Jacobs reportedly met his estranged father in Vicenza before winning gold at the Olympics. The subject of this essay is Marcell Jacobs’ mother, Viviana Masini.

Viviana Masini: Early Life and Family

Viviana Masini was born in 1968 in Brescia, Lombardy, Italy, according to reports. She is a devout Christian who grew up in a wealthy family. Masini is said to be 53 years old (as of 2021).

According to sources, Viviana finished her education at a nearby private school in Italy. She later decided to pursue a career in hotel management. However, she withhold a great deal of information about her family.

Viviana Masini is a well-known hotelier and businesswoman in the modern era. She was raised in Italy with her siblings and friends. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, and her father is a business owner.

Viviana Masini Dating Life (Relationship)

According to an interview, Viviana Masini met her husband Lamont Marcell Jacobs Sr. when she was 16. Following their marriage, the couple relocated to El Paso, Texas. According to sources, her partner is an African-American US soldier.

Viviana gave birth to a son named “Lamont Marcell Jacobs Jr.” on September 26, 1994. Viviana’s husband was posted to South Korea just a few days after Marcell was born. Masini was unable to accompany her husband. Because of this, she and her son returned to Italy. Let me tell you about Viviana, a single mother who raised her son alone. Her son, Lamont Marcell Jacobs, is a professional athlete. In an interview, Jacobs stated that seeing his father after a long separation gave him the motivation he needed to win the Olympics.

Her grandchildren, Jeremy, Anthony, and Megan, are three whom she treasures spending time with. She has a close friendship with Nicole Daza, Marcell Jacobs’ wife. However, there is no specific information about Viviana’s current relationship or marital status.

Professional Career

According to her LinkedIn profile, Viviana Masini has extensive experience in the hotel management industry.
She began her career as an impreditrice at Brillanthouse.
She began working for the company in June 1997. Viviana retired from her position in September 2012, after 15 years and 4 months of service.
She then began working at La Maison Rurale Country House as the Gestisco B&B.
Masini has also been the manager of the Hotel B&B Florence since June 2013.
She also promotes her hotel through her social media platforms.
According to sources, the Hotel Florence is a five-star hotel in Manerba del Garda near Rocca Park.
She also provides her clients with high-quality services.

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