What is the name of Yris Palmer’s ex-husband? New Boyfriend Is Here!

She is now dating professional basketball player Troy Daniels.

What is the name of Yris Palmer’s ex-husband? New Boyfriend Is Here!

The owner of Star Lash, Yris Palmer, divorced her ex-husband Staforde Palmer, with whom she has a daughter, Ayla. She is now dating professional basketball player Troy Daniels.

Yris Palmer, the founder and owner of the cutting-edge eyelash firm Star Lash, has fallen in love with a basketball player.
Prior to her present relationship, the entrepreneur was married to her ex-husband for nine years.

Learn more about Yris’ personal life, including her current boyfriend’s information, her ex-name, husband’s and her daughter’s connection.

What is the name of Yris Palmer’s ex-husband?

Yris was formerly married to Staforde Palmer, a soccer player. Staforde was a member of the English football team Burnham FC at the time of their marriage.

Yris and Staforde met in Last Vegas in 2011 and started dating soon after. Staforde was based in the United Kingdom, while Yris was based in the United States at the time.

Despite the fact that they were half a world apart, their love grew into a powerful and unbreakable bond. Yris and Staforde chose to exchange wedding vows after five years of dating.

Yris Plamer with her ex-husband Stafore Plamer on their wedding day. (Source: Kevindinh)

In 2016, the former couple married for the first time. However, the marriage did not survive long.
In one of her YouTube Q&A videos in January 2020, Yris disclosed that she and Staforde had split up. She also mentioned that she and Staforde shared co-parenting duties with their daughter Ayla, in addition to the divorce.

Yris is dating Troy Daniels at the moment

Yris has rekindled her relationship with her present boyfriend. Troy Daniels, a professional basketball player, is the entrepreneur’s current date.

They met through common friends when Troy was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. In one of her YouTube videos, Yris claimed that their first dinner together was at Delilah in Los Angeles.
She also revealed that she was wearing a blue bodysuit throughout supper that night.

A little social media searching turned up an Instagram image from Yris on December 13, 2019, in which she was seen wearing a tight blue bodysuit.

Together, they are parenting their children from previous relationships

Yris and Troy each have a child from past relationships.

Ayla Palmer (b. March 26, 2017) is the entrepreneur’s 4-year-old daughter, whom she has with her ex-husband Staforde Palmer.

Similarly, Amia Domenica is the name of the basketball player’s daughter. With his ex-girlfriend Anna Domenica, he gave birth to Amia.

On November 24, 2019, Troy’s daughter Amia turned four years old, indicating that she was born on November 24, 2015.

As a result, the couple is frequently photographed with their girls, ensuring that they receive a solid upbringing.

They were both quarantined at the same time

They spent their quarantine time together, which meant they were always near each other.

But, as Yris noted, their new living situation came with a few drawbacks.

She admitted in one of her YouTube videos that they got on each other’s nerves at times because they were constantly around each other. Troy’s video game habits, in particular, irritated Yris.
Troy also learned to stay out of Yris’ way while she was in a bad mood, according to her. Aside from that, the couple didn’t appear to have any big troubles.

When she asked Troy what made him fall in love with her, he described her as “beautiful, stubborn, and loving” in the same video.

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