Why Marshmello’s face hidden? His Real Face Is Revealed Behind the Mask

Marshmello’s real name is Chris Comstock. He is an American electronic music producer and DJ. He rose to prominence after his January 2016 single ‘Alone’ became a massive hit. The video for the song has over 2 billion views and 20 million likes on YouTube.

Chris Comstock in a Marshmello mask

Since then, the musical sensation has released massive chartbuster singles such as ‘Silence,’ ‘Wolves,’ ‘Friends,’ and ‘Happier,’ as well as collaborated with popular musicians including DJ Khalid, Selena Gomez, Anne-Marie, and James Arthur. But who is the man behind the white LED mask, and why has he remained a mystery for so long?

Why Marshmello’s face hidden?

Since Marshmello’s rise to fame, some of the most frequently asked questions about him have been, “Why does Marshmello hide his face?” and “What is Marshmello’s real name?”
His public appearances have all been made while wearing a white helmet, leaving his fans perplexed.

Marshmello stated in a tweet on August 5, 2017, that he kept the mask on because he didn’t want to be famous.

Christopher Comstock is the man behind Marshmello’s famous mask.

In November 2017, Forbes confirmed that Christopher Comstock, also known as Chris Comstock, was the man behind Marshmello’s famous mask.
The magazine provided numerous proofs and sources to back up the report. When Marshmello’s first single was released, established rappers Dotcom and Skrillex supported his songs, which was one of the first sources.

Marshmello’s songs sounded similar to those of Dotcom, whose real name is Chris Comstock, prompting speculation that Comstock was Marshmello without the mask. Surprisingly, both Dotcom and Marshmello represented by the same label, lending credence to the claims. The most conclusive evidence came during Skrillex’s interview with Forbes, which took place the same month Forbes confirmed Marshmello’s identity.

Skrillex’s phone rang during the interview, according to reports, and the interviewer, Couric, informed Skrillex that it was Comstock’s call. Skrillex answered the phone and said, “Oh Marshmello.” Skrillex¬† encouraged by this fact and revealed Marshmello’s real name was Comstock. Forbes even looked into the song producers’ BMI portfolios. To everyone’s surprise, Comstock’s and Marshmello’s BMI repertoire pages contained the same songs and credits, confirming that Comstock was the man behind the mask.


Marshmello is company also registered under his given name Comstock Previously. On March 20, 2016, the FPIA, which known as for exposing celebrities. that shared a series of photos on Twitter. The photos revealed that Dotcom and Marshmello both had tattoos at the same location on their bodies.
In addition, in July 2017, Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela posted a photo of herself with Comstock, Maejor, and Moe Shalizi on her Facebook page and tagged Marshmello’s Facebook page in the photo. The image is no longer available on Facebook.
Another interesting event occurred in March of that year, when dubstep and electro house producer Feed Me posted a picture on his Instagram Stories wearing Marshmello’s mask.
However, he was unaware that Comstock was visible in the mirror, dressed in Marshmello’s signature all-white attire, which further confirmed that Marshmello was, in fact, Comstock without a mask.Having said that, neither Marshmello nor Comstock has confirmed the details to date. The reason, as stated by Marshmello, could be that he was born to make a difference rather than claim fame.


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