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Wil Willis

Do you know Who is Wil Willis?

The host of the reality series “Special Ops Mission,” Wil Willis was born on February 13, 1975, in Portugal but is of American ancestry. He is a former Army Ranger and pararescue specialist. Since then, he has made countless further Military Channel appearances.

Wil Willis Net worth, Earnings

What is Wil Willis’ net worth? He’s had a storied career both on the field and in front of the cameras, and reports estimate that as of mid-2018, his net worth is close to $1 million. He obtained this wealth through achievements in the military and on television. It is anticipated that his wealth would continue to rise as his career progresses.

Wil Willis: Early Life and Family

Wil’s parents served in the military, thus they had to return to the US when he was two years old. As a result, he spent his childhood moving around military bases until his father retired in 1991. He received his education in several places as well, but he eventually graduated in 1993 from a Northern Californian institution.

Shortly after completing his coursework, he enlisted in the Army and spent the next five years honing his skills as an Army Ranger with the third Ranger Battalion. He subsequently continued his career by joining the Air Force as a Pararescue Specialist, where he would stay for nine years. Following that, he also spent a year in the Air Force Reserve. After leaving the military, he pursued other interests, and eventually, his experience helped him discover prospects in television.

Professional Career

As the host of the reality series “Special Ops Mission,” which aired on the Military Channel in 2009, Willis made his television debut (now the American Heroes Channel). He is depicted in the show doing single special operations missions against teams of OPFOR (opposing-force) agents, who are typically former special operations personnel, during a mock wargame assignment. Positive comments on the show’s authenticity came from both critics and viewers. even though its initial season consisted of only six episodes in total.

He joined another series called “Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World” in 2011 as a result of the popularity of the first one. Each episode has Wil putting several famous weapons to the test while also analyzing their historical significance, including assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), pistols, and other weaponry.

Over 400 films and television shows have consulted with Master Armorer Mike Tristano, who is fully licensed and supplies the majority of the weapons. The program would eventually air 12 episodes throughout two seasons. His most recent program, “Forged in Fire,” which airs on the History channel, features four bladesmiths competing in a three-round elimination match. The overall winner receives $10,000, and the judges are mostly authorities on the history of weapons. Due to the series’ success, “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death” was developed as a spin-off.

Wil Willis Dating Life (Relationship)

It is well-known that Wil was hitched to artist and painter Krystle Amina in 2017, and the news was shared on social media. The Empire State Building is where Wil reportedly proposed and following their engagement, they both uploaded a collage shot on their separate profiles. Although not much is known about them because they like to maintain their privacy, images of them together can be found online.

Social Media

Willis is quite active online across several social media platforms, much like many television personalities. He has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and he primarily goes by the name Whiskey Whiskey because that was his call name in the military. On his Instagram page, he frequently shares photos of his travels and daily activities as well as images of himself at the production office, with the actors of his shows, and with his wife.

Additionally, he links to his other social media sites in his tweets and promotes some of the most recent undertakings on his Twitter account. His Facebook page, which had its last post in 2014, is the least active of all of his profiles, but it did feature some old photos from when he was younger and serving in the military.

On social media, he also frequently refers to his wife, who has the handle Kilo Whiskey and is quite active on Twitter and Instagram. She also has a professional Instagram account where the majority of the content is new work and examples of her art.

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