Tom Burke is a well-known Twitch streamer who previously banned his fans for revealing his real identity to his audience – Tom prefers to be referred to as Witwix, which is an abbreviated version of his in-game handle “Witherford Wixorian.”

His severe attitude toward his audience, however, did not prevent him from gaining a large number of followers and subscribers on numerous social media sites. Let’s find out how Witwix rose to popularity, as well as his age, present girlfriend, and other details.

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Witwix: Early Life and Family

Tom “Witwix” Burke was born on March 16, 1989, in Texas, USA; little is known about his parents or siblings, as Witwix wants to keep his life secret. However, it is known that for his fifth birthday, his uncle got him a Super Nintendo, and he quickly discovered his enthusiasm for video games.

Education Details

Witwix attended a local high school, yet there is no specific information regarding the city or the school where he graduated. He is believed to have graduated from college and worked in a “regular” career before becoming a streamer and YouTuber, although his degree is unknown.

Witwix Dating Life (Relationship)

He lives with his partner Diana Fielding; they met several years ago, dated for some time, and then chose to live together, welcoming a child in 2017. It’s not known whether they are officially married or just live together, as no marriage announcement was made.

Diana, like Witwix, is a Twitch streamer with a channel that has over 20,000 followers and where she plays a variety of games. She also has a Twitter account with nearly 6,000 followers and an Instagram one with 1,350 followers. Diana has worked as a preschool teacher, Spanish instructor, administrative assistant, broadcaster, and graduate program supervisor, among other things.

She also stated that she enjoyed being a teacher, but that it was both rewarding and exhausting, and that the pay was nowhere near appropriate for the amount of labor required. She recently opened a “dog daycare” facility.

Witwix Net Worth 2023

According to authoritative sources, Witwix has a net worth of $1 million, the majority of which comes from his Twitch channel. However, he also posts videos on his YouTube channel, editing them specifically for this platform, and his overall net worth on YouTube is said to be around $25,000, or around $1,300 per month.

Professional Career Of Witwix

Before starting his Twitch channel, Witwix struggled to save up enough money to pursue his passion for video games. In 2014, he resigned from his job and launched his Twitch and YouTube channels, living for nearly a year on his savings to focus on his online profession.

He played the Super Mario series, Until Dawn, and Pokemon Go while streaming the gameplay and uploaded the edited recordings to his YouTube account. Some fans are disappointed with Witwix’s irregularity with his streaming schedule, which he lacks. Nobody knows when or for how long Witwix will broadcast, and because his fans love his streams, they frequently encourage him to be more consistent with his online activity.

The greatest increase in audience attention came to Witwix after his 2015 speedrun of the indie game “I Wanna Be Boshy” – he showed his viewers the fastest way to finish the game, and the audience was amazed by his skill, which generated a lot of donation tips; some of them were ordinary $10-$20, but some of his fans supported him with even larger sums, donating $1000. He frequently collaborates with other well-known streamers such as SodaPoppin and Trihex.

He has frequently chastised for his speed runs since many members of the gaming community believe that speed runs undermine the charm of the narratives of the games by making the time of the run the most important factor for gamers. Witwix believes that it is simply his method of entertaining his audience, and he practices speed runs in any game that allows him to do so.

Sponsorship from Counter Logic Gaming

Witwix is sponsored by the gaming company Counter Logic Gaming and the world-renowned company HP. They offer him high-quality gaming and streaming equipment, such as desktop sets, laptops, microphones, and headphones designed exclusively for professional gamers. He shares his discount code with his viewers so they can get gaming equipment at a lesser cost.

Adele is Diana’s favorite singer.

Witwix was in a relationship with another YouTuber, Jen Denise, for a few years before meeting Diana. Their breakup was discussed in his and her channel chats for several weeks until the fans let it go. No one knows why their relationship ended, though Jen stated in one of her Instagram postings (which she later deleted) that Witwix was a ‘terrible boyfriend.’

Interests and hobbies

He owns a ragdoll cat and frequently posts images of him. He also has two dogs and frequently invites his friends’ pets to his place to play. Witwix and Diana have an actual sword collection at home, which Diana once shared a picture of.

Body Measurement Of Witwix

He has black hair and hazel eyes, and he occasionally sports a beard and mustaches. His height, weight, and vital data are not currently available, but Witwix did engage in a weight loss challenge in September 2017, during which he shed 39 pounds (17kgs). In terms of dress, he loves casual attire and frequently streams in T-shirts and shorts.

Social media

Witwix has a Twitch channel with over 365,000 followers and an Instagram account, although it appears to be his cat’s account because the majority of his photographs are of his cat. He also has a YouTube channel with over 115,000 subscribers, and since its inception in 2007, Witwix’s 724 videos have received over 20 million views. Witwix also has a Twitter account, which has over 84,000 followers. He primarily uses his Twitter account to publicize forthcoming Twitch live streams and to share images and videos of his cat.

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