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Yolanda McClary

Do you know Who is Yolanda McClary?

Yolanda Anna Gonzales, a crime scene investigator, was born on August 20, 1963, in Nevada, United States. She is best known for her role in the unscripted crime drama “Cold Justice,” which airs on Oxygen, and was a part of TNT.

Yolanda McClary: Early Life and Family

While virtually little is known about Yolanda’s upbringing or family. She received an Associate of Arts degree from the College of Southern Nevada, as is well known. The American Institute of Applied Science was where she continued her education after that, earning a diploma in forensic science there. She finally enlisted in the police and joined the Las Vegas Metro police, where she gained expertise and experience. She has worked on at least 7,000 crime scenes over her career, making her one of the most well-known figures in the field.

Yolanda McClary Dating Life (Relationship)

Yolanda’s marital status is known; she has been with Michael Kelly McClary since 1990. There are no records of the couple’s children, although she has made mention of grandchildren, so they likely have at least one son or daughter. She is credited as serving as the model for actress Marg Helgenberger’s character Catherine Willows on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” which ran from 2000 to 2015 and featured Marg throughout.

Yolanda McClary Net worth, Earnings

What is Yolanda McClary’s net worth? Sources estimate her net worth to be over $1 million as of mid-2018; she is a former member of the Las Vegas Metro police and has a successful career in law enforcement. It is anticipated that she would continue to amass a fortune as her career progresses.

Yolanda McClary Professional Career

When McClary joined the cast of the television show “Cold Justice,” which follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and her team of investigators, including McClary, she gained a lot more notoriety. As long as they obtain the approval of the local law enforcement who initially handled the case, they can reopen unresolved murder cases. The several investigative professionals hired for the show can uncover important facts, eyewitness testimonies, and even information that was neglected or inaccessible in the past, such as information from DNA testing.

The fact that “Cold Justice” is largely unscripted in contrast to other reality television series, which frequently actually follow a script or pattern at key points to retain their audiences, is one of the reasons it is so successful.

Throughout its entire run, the show has contributed to more than 35 arrests, four confessions, 18 convictions, three murder convictions, and three guilty pleas. The show has received generally positive reviews, with some commenting that the audience was entertained enough by the crimes themselves and the issues with the court system.

Yolanda McClary Controversies

A man by the name of Joshua Singletary sued the creators of “Cold Justice” for defamation in 2014 as a result of their investigation into the death of a lady who was stabbed and smothered in her house in 2010. Joshua was accused but never completely cleared. He was being treated at the hospital when the murder occurred; he was later detained as a suspect but later released for a lack of proof. He says that the “Cold Justice” episode cost him customers, which prompted him to demand extra compensation in addition to $100,000 in damages.

After “Cold Justice” became popular, “Cold Justice: Sex Crimes,” a spin-off program, debuted in 2015. The program, which ran for a season of 10 episodes and had two prosecutors at the helm in Alicia O’Neill and Casey Garrett, concentrated on unsolved sex crimes as its name suggests.

Several times throughout its tenure on TNT, the show was at risk of being canceled. Yolanda announced in 2016 that the series had been canceled and that the production firm was attempting to sell it to other networks. After finally being purchased by the network Oxygen in 2017, a fourth season aired that same year. Later, a fifth was declared to compete in 2018.

Yolanda McClary Social Media

Yolanda is highly active online to communicate with followers and share information about “Cold Justice,” much like many television shows. She started with just a Facebook profile but has subsequently added accounts on Twitter and Instagram. She posts several intimate photos, including ones of her family, on social media. Despite not mentioning how many children she has, she adds that she has grandchildren. Her web posting is inconsistent, probably because she is juggling her personal life with her television work. Although she no longer works as a CSI, she still takes part in the show.

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